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Akaiwa station

Akaiwa station on Ou main line in Fukushima prefecture is going to be abolished on 04 March 2021. Platform and station name boards will be totally removed. The Station was famous for zig zag/switchback until 1992, commence of Yamagata Shinkansen.

The station is suspended or disused since 01 December 2016 which means none of Ou main line trains call at this station. Till 03 March, it is the one of the two stations which are suspended.

Therefore only remaining suspended station in Japan will be Inawashirokohan station on Ban'etsu West line but there are plenty of Hikyo(secluded) stations; isolated from main road or village and hard to reach. Akaiwa station was also one of the secluded stations.

If you are interested in Hikyo - secluded - isolated stations, we are pleased to make a trip for you.

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