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We are able to arrange tailor made private tour in Japan, not only according to your request but also we can suggest a tour itinerary which fits you.

You just need to tell us your flight schedule and you will get our offer within a few days.  Accommodation, transfers, tour guide, admissions to tourist attractions and train tickets are included in our offer.  You just need to book a flight ticket to/from Japan!

We are also pleased to create an itinerary for expat living in Japan.

Japan Rail Pass


Japan Rail Pass

We are one of the few travel agencies which can include Japan Rail Pass in the itinerary. Which means you do not have to purchase the pass from third party.



Many travel agencies in Japan do not offer hotels without clients' choices. On the other hand, we offer hotels according to your budget and suitable for your itinerary.

Room of Ryokan


Tour guide

Do not want to meet and greet multiple tour guides during your stay in Japan? We can arrange a licensed tour guide who can pick you up after your landing in Japan and send off you when you are leaving Japan.



Dining is an important factor for traveling. From 3 stars luxury restaurant to local izakaya tavern, we are able to book tables for you. Of course we negotiate with the chefs regarding your allergens and preferable.  

Mitsuya, Tokyo
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